The Definitive IoT Platform

BluBase is the platform for Analytics, Visualizations, Mapping, and AI. Build your IoT app in 5 minutes.

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Start Leveraging our APIs for IoT
>>> import blucloud
>>> blu = blucloud.blubase()
>>> blu.activate('your','IoT','App')
Use Cases



Device GPS data stored, retrieve, and correlated through easy API's.


Leverage prebuilt analytics models for hundreds of sensor types.


Data Authentication Ledger for guaranteed data authenticity.

Fast Natural Language Alerts

Smart Alerts to mobile, email, or app in plain English.


Automatic, distributed storage of your IoT data.


SDKs for JS, PHP, Python, and C++ to get up in running in minutes. Or use one of our devices.


Platform Features


Documentation for most cloud platforms sucks. Ours however is a 10/10.

Blazing Fast

Get up and running fast, and expect quick operations and APIs for 10 or 10 million devices.

Unlimited Possibilities

Connect any sensor using our awesome hardware platform.

Component Based Design

Just use the features you need, its as simple as that.


There is a full UI in BluBase to get you up and running quick. And yeah, its sexy.


BluBase has a built in routing engine for all your alerts.