Remote Data Collection Made Easy.

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Gateway: Easy Cellular Logging

Simply connect sensors and start logging data to your favorite IoT datastore.

More about BluCloud Gateways

Intelligent Devices

Receive smart alerts straight from the device.

Quick Start

Integrate with new sensors in minutes.


Handles any environment with IP68 sensor junctions.

BluBase: A Place for Your Data

Store all your data on the BluBase platform. Get real time updates and manage devices remotely.

More about the BluBase Platform

Easy API Design

Easily add existing devices to our platform .

Awesome Features

Integrations increase insight, like BluReports.

Multipurpose Use

Easy export for analysis by your team.

BluReports: Data to Insight

Export beatiful reports from BluBase. Convert any timeseries data into meaningful information with context.


Stop searching for answers. Get them, plus written analysis with BluReports.


Easy customization for different data types. Automatic addition of environmental context.


Easily share with your team or key stakeholders.

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