Our Value

Cloud connected cellular sensors for all your assets. Analytics for over 22 business sectors.

Full Stack.

We provide the device, cloud services, cellular services and maintain your units.


Don't worry about maintaining your IoT devices. We manage that through a global team of field engineers.

Smart Alerts.

If we notice something strange from any of your sensors, you'll get a message right away. Can a regular logger do that?

Analytics for business.

Run analytical models in a snap with our prebuilt models made by industry experts

Buoy 55

Easily Get Real Time Data from your assets

Intelligently Monitor your assets, with the only all in one solution on the market.

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Use Cases

City Wide Groundwater Monitoring

Detecting Groundwater changes before they bring down buildings.

We've helped major cities on the East Coast eliminate the high costs and long wait times of their groundwater monitoring operations through real time data.

Solar Farm Security

Our quick deploy performance and security solutions helped make this Golf Course solar farm possible.

Solar farms need quick deploy solutions, especially in smaller farms. We've helped put farms safely in novel locations.

Our customers see

0 percent increase in the amount of usable and actionable data.
80 percent reduction in monitoring and repair costs.
0 percent faster reaction time to critical events.